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This is where you’ll find information on the latest datasets and innovative tools added to the BGIS website.

New design

The new design of the website will closely resemble that of SANBI’s Biodiversity Advisor website, and SANBI website. The purpose of this update is to strengthen the SANBI brand and to promote a uniformed look and feel between SANBI’s websites.

Improved search functionality

To simplify the process of finding relevant documents, projects and datasets, the team has implemented a keyword search tool. All users would need to do is type in a term and a list of documents, datasets or projects associated with that term will appear.

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Dataset Of The Month

VEGMAP 2012 beta

The latest online version of the National Vegetation Map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland was recently released on bgis.sanbi.org. VegMap2012 incorporates all edits since VEGMAP2009 (additional vegetation types, deleted vegetation types, and altered boundaries to existing vegetation types).

A mobile version of the 2012 VEGMAP was also released this year using CarryMap Observer as a platform. This mobile version has been designed for use in the field on an android cellular phone. The app can track your location as you move across vegetation types. You can also tap the screen to access the attributes of a vegetation type. Placemarks with comments can also be saved by pressing and holding the screen. A visual quick guide to downloading and using some of the app functions is illustrated below.

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The BGIS team is continually striving to improve the BGIS website by adding innovating tools and relevant datasets. If you feel that we are missing crucial datasets or that our website can be improved in anyway, please drop us a line.

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